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Practice areas

Legal advice in Spain

Our clients are above all small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses that we accompany and advise in Spain in legal corporate and commercial matters.

Also, we provide legal advice for private persons focusing on specific areas to ensure the best service possible.

Our law firm has a clear international vocation. An important number of our clients come from the English and German-speaking area seeking legal advice in cross-border matters related to Spain.

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Civil and contract law

In the range of the civil and contract law, we advise among others in the following matters:

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Often, inheritances are complex and sensitive: The intricacies of the regulation are difficult to overlook and vagueness ends rapidly und untentionally in controversies. This is true in national matters but even to a greater extent in successions with foreign elements. Spain, for example, has not a uniform law of succession and the legal orders provide sometimes very different solutions.

The last will, therefore, be prepared well and executed even better. We focus on inheritances related to Spain, either because the bequeather or his heir resides in this country or assets are located there. We advice, amongst others, in the following matters:

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Commercial law and distribution

Commerce and distribution is our passion. We advice, in particular, in the following areas:

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Company law

We advise companies and private persons beginning with the establishment of the company and not ending with its operational business. This includes:

  • Legal advice regarding the establishment of the company
  • Inkorporation of companies and election of the best legal form (SL, SA etc.)
  • Ongoing legal device in all corporate matters
  • Assistance and legal advice regarding the company secretary (secretaría)
  • Legalization of company books
  • Preparation of general assembly and executive meetings
  • Companies’ register (registrations, certificates, maintenance)
  • Shareholding and subsidiaries
  • Restructuring and reorganization (commutation, mergers, spin-offs)
  • Corporate sales
  • Due Diligence, M&A
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy
  • Assistance regarding the outsourcing of the typical corporate services (accounting, taxes, human resources, auditing)

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Labour law

We advise companies and private persons, amongst others, regarding the following matters

  • Executive and directors  (terms of employment, draft and examination of contracts, etc.)
  • Work contracts
  • Social Security
  • legal advice regarding appointment, dismissal and withdrawal including indemnity
  • Representation before the arbitration committee (CMAC)
  • Judicial labour proceedings
  • Restructuring, dismissals and layoffs (ERE)
  • Short-time work (ERTE)
  • Assistance regarding the outsourcing of the typical labour services (payroll, social security, income tax)

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Tax law

In tax matters we advise private persona focusing on specific areas related closely to our others pratice areas. The main focus are inheritances and everything related to this area. In particular:

Please contact us and we will inform you.

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Litigation and enforcement

  • Litigation and representation in civil and commercial lawsuits 
  • Claims of receivables
  • Judicial dunning procedure according to Spanish and German law
  • European Payment Orders (EPO)
  • European Small Claims procedure
  • Proceedings of the ordinary and voluntary jurisdiction
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters issued in the European Union
  • National and international arbitration procedures
  • European Enforcement Order (EEO)
  • Insolvency (proof of debt, representation at creditors’ meetings, declaration of bankruptcy)
  • Preventive measures to avoid disagreements, conciliatory proceedings

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